Sebastian Conran

Internationally recognised product designer, Sebastian Conran has a thoughtful & ingenious approach to every design challenge, combining functional innovation with stylish practicality.

Sebastian has ‘design in the blood’ and has spent his career combining the useful with the beautiful, by creating innovative things that not only look elegant but work better too. 

He has a track record of delivering outstanding designs that continue to be satisfying and stand the test of time.

Sebastian has a hands-on approach to working with his design team and is personally involved in all the designs in the Universal Expert collection.

Universal Expert Ethos

We like the products we use to do the job better; good design is not enough – it needs to be outstanding and functionally innovative with useful benefits, not gimmicks. 

All the products in the Universal Expert collection are designed with the contemporary, urban home in mind, combining functionality and performance with practicality and style. 

The materials used are designed both to last, and compliment any home interior, providing a neutral and elegant aesthetic to enhance rather than dominate an environment. 

When designing our products, we wanted to create things that would last for generations and not end up as landfill so we tend to use natural and proven traditional materials such as woods with antibacterial properties, tough stainless steel, durable porcelain and heat-resistant, laboratory glass.

We call this approach ‘Universal Expert’ where ‘Universal’ reflects flexible use, affordability and aesthetic appeal, and ‘Expert’ stands for quality and performance.

Designed in London

All our Universal Expert products originate in my London based studio and I am intimately involved at every stage of the development process, from creating the concepts through to refining manufacturer’s production design, and testing in my own home.

A great deal of thought and ingenuity has gone into our designs to make them work better and ensure they are satisfying to use, easy to clean and compact to store. 

Soon we will have around 200 items on offer worldwide. We started with the Prep & Cook and Sink & Countertop collections then came Share & Serve and Storage & Utility. 

With a focus on enhancing the experience of contemporary and urban living we are continually researching and developing new and innovative collections, designed for practical, design aware people who care about their homes and the tools they use for living.